Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Most people already knew about Lady Gaga but I only started to become interested in "Lady Gaga" more recently. Somehow I found myself listening to her music. Wow! Do you know what happened after that? Well, I am now a fan of Lady Gaga and think that some of her music is fantastic! I also like her videos. I have even been watching people who have been inspired by Lady Gaga Nail Art and find it fascinating that so many artists have been affected and influenced by her. Take a look at the next video to see what I mean.

Can you see the kind of effort that was produced simply because of Lady Gaga? This means that this Lady not only has energy herself but she is also spreading her energy everywhere! I am sure that plenty of people like Lady Gaga just like me and you are going to visit this page and appreciate something unique that has been put together by one of her fans!

This is not the only place I have written about Lady Gaga. No! It is not just on my website where you will find me praising Lady Gaga. You can also take a look at Lady Gaga Power and Lady Gaga Popularity which gives you all the evidence you need to know that I could be her fan for real!

I am going to make a video list of some of her popular stuff for fans who are passing through this page and want to be able to listen to some of her best stuff on a list.

Let's start with Alejandro shall we? I am going to tell you what moves me about this production as well!

I guess teenagers are going to know more about the way that a Latino should be pronouncing this word .. yes.. it is "ALEHANDRO" and do you know what is so amazing about it to me? The question we need to ask is whether or not it is really Lady Gaga performing in this video. If it is Lady Gaga, then she has certainly been able to re-invent herself. Take a closer look at the blond star and how she has put that heavy eye liner on so well. Later on you see her dressed like a Star Wars Beauty Queen. I can't find any other words to describe this and you have to see how she has used colour in such an imaginative way. Of course she also appears in Black and White which reminds us that she also has something called "Style" - that is the impression the switching from colors to black and white had on me!

Now we have to move to "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga and I bet there are tons of people who have heard this song but are unfamiliar with the video.

What is it about this song that makes it so easy to remember? Well, it is RA-RA-RA -AH- AH... and the way it has been done gives it that brand feeling. What is the brand?  Can't you see that she has turned Baby's words "GAGA" ..into something that is rocking the world?  It is not GAGA-GOOGOO but RAMA- AH-AH-AH ... and millions of young people know this very well. This song is unforgettable and do you want to know what the best part of the video is for me? It is 1.25 where she gives that look with the oversized eyes. Don't you know that she just won millions of teenage girls in Japan with that look? Come on folks! Lady Gaga is no fool! She is not just an artist but a marketeer extraodinaire! No wonder she has the greatest number of followers on Twitter . Do you know that the Google and Facebook Twitter accounts combined cannot keep up with the Lady Gaga Twitter Following? I wonder how valuable Gaga has just made Twitter?

Yes! Lady Gaga is making money for everyone and didn't you know that she had something to do with Google Chrome? I could write about that too but I think it is best to jump to the next video where Lady Gaga is a BIG GIRL NOW.. and you better believe it! She is also endorsing "New Kids on the Block" and Oh My! How lucky they are to be associated with GAGA-LA-LA-LA!

There are a lot of people who might not of seen the video above where she out shines New Kids on the Block and steals the show. Yes! Gaga you are definitely a big girl now!

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