Thursday, 30 June 2011


I have seen many people write and complain about Twitter and I am one of them too. Yes! There are so many robots on Twitter but if you can get past that fact and managed to get lucky after some time and engage a few people then you might find out how to use Twitter more effectively. I had an experience of a powerful Retweet several months ago that I believe sent hundreds of people to my website to see a particular page that was extremely useful to website owners. What I believe happened is enough people got to see it and someone who does not even use Twitter managed to somehow find out about the page and they posted a link from their blog to my website. When I checked my website statistics later on I found that some unknown person was linking to me. This was amazing because I really believe it was because of Twitter. Although using Twitter will not necessarily help your website in search engine ranking it is definitely a powerful tool that we can use to engage people that we might never of have the chance to engage before. I made the following media presentation to show people who was going on during that day when I got the Retweet. The video is kind of dreamy in a way but that is how I like to imagine things and I believe that sometimes we can impart knowledge to others through very simple audio and visual. I hope you like it.

The next video is also about Retweet but in this video the Retweet manages to accomplish a task. Lets say that you wanted something to happen and you were lucky enough to get enough people to Retweet your message so that it was going out of this world into space. Of course the Tweet is not going into space but it is spreading through cyberspace and I thought that the following video might help people to understand the power or should I say the "potential" of Twitter even more.

I believe that it is a good thing to have a Twitter account for security purposes as well. If you ever had a problem and needed to contact a whole bunch of people you knew (or even slightly knew) for some immediate response or help .. for whatever reason, then Twitter is for you!

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