Sunday, 27 November 2011

Do you know anyone who uses Google Plus?

Google+ was introduce several months ago and I decided to make an account. For some reason I got suspended. This is what it says when I try to enter my Google Plus page. I think it is funny and I would like to make some comments between the lines.

Your profile is suspended

That is strange because Facebook never suspended my account. I thought that Google+ was competing with facebook? I have a ton of friends I don't know on facebook but they don't mind being friends with me and I have never been suspended. Take a look at my facebook LOL!

After reviewing your profile, we determined that the name provided violates the Google+ Names Policy.

I am sorry but I don't have time to read the policies.

While suspended, you will not be able to make full use of Google services that require an active profile, such as Google+, Buzz, Reader, and Picasa. This will not prevent you from using other Google services, like Gmail.

I must be honest and admit that Gmail is a great product from Google because of it's ability to filter spam (which probably costs Google a lot in technology) and my hat is off to the Gmail team. As for Buzz, Reader and Picassa I probably use them once every few years so who cares.

If you changed your name in accordance with our policies, please submit an appeal and we will review your profile again.

My name whoisbid is my social network Blog identity. I am not going to change it for Google Plus. Every other Blog/Social Network allows me to use this name. If I change my name, I will ruin my identity. Why doesn't Google let certain people have their names? Why is Google allowed to keep their name as their identity and I am not?

If you believe that your profile has been suspended in error, please submit your profile for reconsideration.

This takes some time to do. I can't be bothered. If Google+ ever becomes valuable to me I consider it but right now I don't have the time. I thought I was doing Google a favor by joining and contributing but obviously not.

Your profile will be reviewed again and re-enabled if it complies with the Google+ Names Policy. Reviews are usually completed within a few days.
We're sorry for the inconvenience.

I honestly believe it was a bot that disabled my account. A bot cannot really be sorry and does not have feelings. What do think the chances are of being re-instated if I write back and tell G+ that "whoisbid" is my social network identity and for all intents and purposes it is the name by which I go by on the internet?

We understand that Google+ may not be for everyone at this time. We'd be sad to see you go, but if you do choose to leave, make a copy of your Google+ data first. Then, click here to disable Google+.

Monday, 12 September 2011

What is Tumbr Reblog?

I only just recently bumped into Tumblr. Of course I have known about it for some time but there was nothing that really attracted me to it because I saw that everyone's stuff is being mixed up together and I could not see any advantage. That has all changed now! There is something called the "Reblog" and basically is allows you to use someone else's stuff on your page but I see something very wonderful about this and it has to do with the fact that your Tumblr identity is kept in tact. Go and try it yourself by signing up for Tumblr and reblogging other people's content and you will get to understand it much faster than me trying to explain it to you.

There is also something else and it has to do with Tags

Take the above URL as an example. If you make a Tumblr Blog and put some tags into the tag box then it is more than likely that your page will appear in another page. Let say that you want to write about "Reblog" and you include that tag for the tag description of the content it is possible that you will very quickly find your content also included in the above page (I left the link for you)

Why would this be a great advantage? I think people need to spend some time using Tumblr and figure this out for themselves. Tumblr is growing in leaps and bounds and if you are a Blogger then I guess it is something that we should definitely not ignore and check out for ourselves.

Last of all it is absolutely so easy to use. I have never come across a Blog that is so incredibly user friendly. It seems that the folks who are designing Tumblr seem to know what people really want and how to offer it in a way that does not require you to waste time learning the controls. When I compare using my wordpress
vs Tumblr, I believe that it takes me about 1/3 to 1/4 of the time to do something in Tumblr compared to wordpress.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Calculator for Water Flow In a Hose - Garden Hose or Pipe

Sometimes we need to know the volume of water that is passing through a hose. If you are going to fill up a very large tank of water or even a swimming pool then you may want to know how long it might take. Instead of having to calculate this manually you can rely on programs that can either be downloaded from the internet or use an online calculator on this flow meter portal.

If you know the internal diameter of the water hose and the velocity/speed of the water flowing, then you can easily find out the volumetric flow in gallons, meter cubed or other metric or imperial units. This calculator was designed for volumetric flow and not mass flow. Using it for water will be fine.

If you have no idea how to calculate the velocity it is quite simple. You can measure the length of the hose when empty and after you have hooked it up to the water supply you then use a stop watch to see how much time it takes for the water to reach the hose outlet e.g if your water hose is 30ft long and you see that it takes 30 seconds to see water fill up and reach the empty hose end after turning on the water supply, then your flow velocity will be 30 ft divided by 30 seconds i.e. 1ft/second.

The volume calculation uses the internal surface area of the water hose coupled with the velocity to produce the volume flow rate which is what you are actually looking for.

If you are dealing with a hydrocarbon it will be another matter altogether because the calculation will need to consider such things as changes in temperature and pressure and you may want to calculate mass flow instead.

Thursday, 30 June 2011


I have seen many people write and complain about Twitter and I am one of them too. Yes! There are so many robots on Twitter but if you can get past that fact and managed to get lucky after some time and engage a few people then you might find out how to use Twitter more effectively. I had an experience of a powerful Retweet several months ago that I believe sent hundreds of people to my website to see a particular page that was extremely useful to website owners. What I believe happened is enough people got to see it and someone who does not even use Twitter managed to somehow find out about the page and they posted a link from their blog to my website. When I checked my website statistics later on I found that some unknown person was linking to me. This was amazing because I really believe it was because of Twitter. Although using Twitter will not necessarily help your website in search engine ranking it is definitely a powerful tool that we can use to engage people that we might never of have the chance to engage before. I made the following media presentation to show people who was going on during that day when I got the Retweet. The video is kind of dreamy in a way but that is how I like to imagine things and I believe that sometimes we can impart knowledge to others through very simple audio and visual. I hope you like it.

The next video is also about Retweet but in this video the Retweet manages to accomplish a task. Lets say that you wanted something to happen and you were lucky enough to get enough people to Retweet your message so that it was going out of this world into space. Of course the Tweet is not going into space but it is spreading through cyberspace and I thought that the following video might help people to understand the power or should I say the "potential" of Twitter even more.

I believe that it is a good thing to have a Twitter account for security purposes as well. If you ever had a problem and needed to contact a whole bunch of people you knew (or even slightly knew) for some immediate response or help .. for whatever reason, then Twitter is for you!

Saturday, 25 June 2011


Some people say that Squidoo is just a blog. I don't agree with that at all. I like Squidoo and have written about it in several places. There is something very different about the Squidoo mechanism and it has to do with education. Whoever designed the Squidoo system are brilliant people, not just because of their programming ability but also because they know that there are a lot of people who need help building their own channel. Are you curious about Squidoo? I made the following video for you if you are!

If you get to know some of the people on Squidoo you will find out that many of them gained the courage to write and add content to the Squidoo network because of the way Squidoo encouraged them. There is something called "professional writing" which is part of what some blogs are about but the internet was not designed just for professional writers. No! The idea of the WWW (world wide web) is to connect people from all over the world so that they can exchange information and ideas. This means that writing will involve people from all walks of life including the arts, science, entertainment, sports and even children. Do you know what I found to be the most powerful evidence that Squidoo is the right place for newbies who want to improve their writing? It began by seeing a mere child able to complete a web page on Squidoo almost all by herself. Do you want to know what was the second thing about Squidoo that moved me even more? Well, it was the fact that adult Squids took the time to thank her for her contributions by posting a reply in her comment section. They knew that she was a mere child and needed all the encouragement that she could get. This showed to me that there are some people on Squidoo who are real and sensitive to the needs of others. You will not find this on a lot of other networks and that is probably why there are lots of people who are staying with Squidoo. I don't think that many of the hardcore Squidders stay on Squidoo for the money. I think that a lot of them like the high quality interaction and respect that people give to each other on the network.

If you need more reasons to sign up with Squidoo then you can visit my website where I have some information on how to use Squidoo. If you found this page and managed to sign up with Squidoo and make your first lens, then let me know about it on the Squidoo network. You can find "whoisbid" on Squidoo and send me a message. I will be thrilled to find out that someone joined Squidoo because of something that I wrote on Blogger.

I don't want to ruin your Squidoo experience but I can tell you a little bit about it if you have been a person who wanted to make webpages but really found it difficult to know just how much you should be doing and where you should stop. The Squidoo system will allow you to make almost any kind of web page that you want but they also kind of know just how much content you will need as a minimum. They have a module system where they are kind of holding you by the hand in the beginning and teaching you about the need to upload a certain amount. You can also make money on Squidoo but I am not an expert on that topic. I have not joined Squidoo to make money from it but there are people on Squidoo who have learned to make money.

Some people are writing about leaving Squidoo, leaving HubPages, leaving Blogger and Wordpress for various reasons and I have read some of those blogs but when it comes to Squidoo I cannot find the justification for leaving the Squidoo network not only from a personal perspective but also from a technical one too.

If you are looking for something a little bit different and a place to get a lot of quality support then I recommend that you first join Squidoo before going to other places. Using Squidoo might also be a great preparation for you if you intent to make your own websites later on. They give you the feel for it... and if you make a few lenses (lenses in Squidoo are articles) then you will be able to feel the rhythm.

I am not the only person who likes Squidoo and in fact there are some people who love Squidoo and almost worship it. I don't think that I will be going that far but here is a video giving you proof that some of them have fallen in love with the Squids! Well.. this lady wrote about Bumble Bees and believe it or not she got her lens featured. There are lots of people love nature on Squidoo.. I will let you decide for yourself if Squidoo is for you and the best way to find out is to give it a try this week.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Most people already knew about Lady Gaga but I only started to become interested in "Lady Gaga" more recently. Somehow I found myself listening to her music. Wow! Do you know what happened after that? Well, I am now a fan of Lady Gaga and think that some of her music is fantastic! I also like her videos. I have even been watching people who have been inspired by Lady Gaga Nail Art and find it fascinating that so many artists have been affected and influenced by her. Take a look at the next video to see what I mean.

Can you see the kind of effort that was produced simply because of Lady Gaga? This means that this Lady not only has energy herself but she is also spreading her energy everywhere! I am sure that plenty of people like Lady Gaga just like me and you are going to visit this page and appreciate something unique that has been put together by one of her fans!

This is not the only place I have written about Lady Gaga. No! It is not just on my website where you will find me praising Lady Gaga. You can also take a look at Lady Gaga Power and Lady Gaga Popularity which gives you all the evidence you need to know that I could be her fan for real!

I am going to make a video list of some of her popular stuff for fans who are passing through this page and want to be able to listen to some of her best stuff on a list.

Let's start with Alejandro shall we? I am going to tell you what moves me about this production as well!

I guess teenagers are going to know more about the way that a Latino should be pronouncing this word .. yes.. it is "ALEHANDRO" and do you know what is so amazing about it to me? The question we need to ask is whether or not it is really Lady Gaga performing in this video. If it is Lady Gaga, then she has certainly been able to re-invent herself. Take a closer look at the blond star and how she has put that heavy eye liner on so well. Later on you see her dressed like a Star Wars Beauty Queen. I can't find any other words to describe this and you have to see how she has used colour in such an imaginative way. Of course she also appears in Black and White which reminds us that she also has something called "Style" - that is the impression the switching from colors to black and white had on me!

Now we have to move to "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga and I bet there are tons of people who have heard this song but are unfamiliar with the video.

What is it about this song that makes it so easy to remember? Well, it is RA-RA-RA -AH- AH... and the way it has been done gives it that brand feeling. What is the brand?  Can't you see that she has turned Baby's words "GAGA" ..into something that is rocking the world?  It is not GAGA-GOOGOO but RAMA- AH-AH-AH ... and millions of young people know this very well. This song is unforgettable and do you want to know what the best part of the video is for me? It is 1.25 where she gives that look with the oversized eyes. Don't you know that she just won millions of teenage girls in Japan with that look? Come on folks! Lady Gaga is no fool! She is not just an artist but a marketeer extraodinaire! No wonder she has the greatest number of followers on Twitter . Do you know that the Google and Facebook Twitter accounts combined cannot keep up with the Lady Gaga Twitter Following? I wonder how valuable Gaga has just made Twitter?

Yes! Lady Gaga is making money for everyone and didn't you know that she had something to do with Google Chrome? I could write about that too but I think it is best to jump to the next video where Lady Gaga is a BIG GIRL NOW.. and you better believe it! She is also endorsing "New Kids on the Block" and Oh My! How lucky they are to be associated with GAGA-LA-LA-LA!

There are a lot of people who might not of seen the video above where she out shines New Kids on the Block and steals the show. Yes! Gaga you are definitely a big girl now!


There are plenty of people who are not familiar with the term "Anemometer" but if you ask them about "Wind Meters" it is not difficult for them to know what you are talking about. Of course the scientific and engineering community have to know what an Anemometer is but there are still people who might be interested to know a little bit more. This is why it is probably a good idea to write about this wind instrument and the different types of Anemometers

A good place to start would be with  "cup anemometers " which are very common and popular with meteorological experts who do scientific studies on the weather. The following video presentation is a modern day tribute to the Inventor. If you are interested to know what he looked like you might enjoy the tribute and the music which was designed to bring honor to this great man of science.

The Doctor's first models were using 4 cups but now it is more common to use 3. It is amazing that so much time has passed since it was first invented and it's popularity still remains. There are engineers who simply love this type of instrument and will select it when given the choice. Manufacturers all over the world offer different designs depending on the application and necessary precision requirements and some even make the cups out of stainless steel.

Sometimes you will see that making a simple version of this wind instrument is something that teachers will do for their students. If you are interested in making your own home made 3 or 4 cup anemometer for a practical demonstration and a lot of fun ,then the following video gives some excellent instructions.


All you will need are some paper cups, scissors, some lengths of cardboard, plastic sealant or plasticine, some pins, a stapling device and something to colour the final product. If you do this then it is highly likely that the children who involve themselves in this activity will never forget you and the word "Anemometer" Remembering a long name like John Thomas Romney Robinson might be a bit more difficult and I guess he would not mind if we simply refer to him as "Dr. Robinson- the inventor of the cup anemometer.

Grown ups also want to get involved in building their own anemometer but this is for more serious reasons. Of course you can always buy one and save a lot of time and energy but some people enjoy being involved in building their own weather stations. It is most likely that a lot of these people are also trying to harness wind power to save on costs by producing their own electricity. The following video gives a good example of what people can do to have some fun and hopefully save some cash. It is amazing what you can do with a bicycle wheel and a bit of ingenuity.


Believe it or not, wind is actually related to the sun's energy. Yes ! The uneven heat on the earth's surface, the fact that the surfaces are uneven and earth rotation all combine to make wind. Wind can be affected by the terrain water, plants and trees too!  If you are interested in making your own wind turbine there are wind and water power programs offered by several governmental institutions.


What is the Combined Science IGCSE? If you are from the United States it may not be relevant. This is a topic for people who have been following a UK Type Education System.  First of all I need to ask my readers if they have an inquisitive mind. You don't need to be terribly inquisitive but are there questions in your mind about how things work?  There are going to be students who will be faced with a problem of choosing whether or not to pursue science at around the age of 16 but I think that if you have any sort of questions about science but you don't necessarily want to become a scientist then this is a great course for you. Forget about the technical meaning of IGCSE because the terms keep changing all the time. If you are losing me then watch "She Blinded Me with Science" by Thomas Dolby first so that you can get into the mood!

I know that the screen capture for the blinding science video is not very impressive and the film is a bit old but it should be able to do the job!

Sunday, 24 April 2011


I am going to teach people something that they might not have investigated thoroughly enough. It has to do with the meaning of the world Original. If you really have a gift for originality and can produce original works, e.g. software, music, art, search engine algorithms, search engines etc etc then you should realize that the only way you could be original is to listen to the definition in the video. Haha!

Do you know what an original website is? Guess what? That search term is not popular at all. This shows me that search engines spokesmen do a lot of talking but in the end no-one is listening. Very few people are building original websites these days. It is a joy for me to see someone doing it. Yes! It is like seeing something hand made. I feel that so much of social networks are just plastic. People are downloading and embedding these social network plugins to get other people's content on their sites and they think that this is cool. Don't you know it is simply scraping other people's material? If everyone scrapes the web then there will be nothing left to scrape one day!!!

Do you want to know what I think about this recent Google Panda Update ? I want to tell Google that I think it is ridiculous. I am pretty sure that no-one in Google is interested in my opinion but maybe some other people will be. Let me explain to you what is happening.

We are hearing news from experts that Google is detecting copied content on those rather large and powerful websites and making adjustments but nobody is talking about these new websites that are Page Rank Zero with 250 pages of unique content. I am describing my website.. the website. I know that not every page is that great but one thing I can tell you about the site is that there is nothing on it that was copied from somewhere else. All the texts and images are original. I don't see any difference to the way Google is treating my site after the Panda update. What I do see is that they are not sending the search engine spiders often enough to protect me. Yes! I need to be protected from those high page rank websites who copy my material every day. I don't really care who copies me and I guess I have to live with this problem. In fact, I should be proud that people are copying my material.

The reason I am writing this is because nobody is thinking about how large and powerful websites are taking material from newbie websites. The only way that I believe Google could protect new websites is to invest more money into spidering them more frequently. Why is Google spidering all those big websites and ignoring the newbies? I get sick to death watching these seo videos where you have all these big time website owners telling us how they are getting rid of low quality contributions by doing this and that seo technique. No-one is talking about the new websites. No-one is helping the new websites.

Well.. Guess what my website is about? It is about helping people like you who are struggling because of technology that is currently incapable of protecting you. I do believe it is actually capable but it costs money to spider everyone's website more frequently and I guess that search engines have to chose where  they want to go. This means that baby websites are dead , even before they begin to crawl. No wonder so many young people are giving up on blogs and websites and turning to Facebook. I hate Facebook more than Google for personal reasons. I know Google and facebook don't really care about me writing these things because they are so big and I cannot stop them. I am just like a drop in the ocean.

The positive aspect in regards to all of this is that I am finding there are a lot of people with new websites who are struggling and I guess this makes my argument more valid and my website even more relevant to today.

Saturday, 23 April 2011


I hope you did watch my video on why I believe search engines are wasting our time. If you are a businessman and need more internet exposure then maybe you ought to visit my website but I must warn you that keeping search engines happy these days seems to be like a dark art.

Do you think that we should be spending time trying to discover what is going to please search engines happy all the time? Well, if we are running a business we will have no choice. What I cannot accept about some particular search engines is their treatment of directories. A good directory does not need to have great content. No! A good directory needs to have great links to relevant goods and services. Recently a whole bunch of useful directories were hit badly by a search engine update and some of them lost more than 90% of their traffic. If you watch the video you will see why it could be possible that directories are not being treated as fairly as they should. Of course, this from my own perspective when it comes to search engine ranking and relevancy.

If you want people to spend more time on your website then you have to use seo. The social networks and blogs know this and so they make up these reward systems. Much of the interaction going on between people on networks (business people trying to increase website visibility) is not actually organic. This system of "spend more time" on a site is making a lot of people into robotic commenting machines. People end up saying nice things about someone else on a blog network or a social network when they don't actually mean it. OK- I guess we have to live with this. What value am I giving to you as a reader by telling you these things? I think I am giving you great value because I am a person who actually wants to truly interact with more people in a real way but I am finding that it is very difficult to find proper engagement.

What is really really interesting is that I have actually experienced tremendous social interaction through MMORPG which stands for Massively MultiPlayer Online Role Playing Games. Yes! I used to play Meridian 59 and found that a good MMORPG really does get people engaging with each other in a real and purposeful way. Maybe you will think that there is no reality in an online game but that is where you could be wrong. Even though online games are a fantasy world it gives people a chance to forget about their current problems and get caught up in "play" with others. We used to do this as children, so why can't we do it now? There is nothing wrong with being "child like" but there is a lot of wrong in being childish. So, my conclusions are that the way the system is currently for social networks and blogs actually does not make people "child like" anymore. No! It makes them into robots!

I want to talk more about directories. Many years ago directories were treated with respect but somehow I find that this could be changing because the directory now needs to be more unique, have more content and be more engaging according to certain seo experts. A science directory is being asked to engage people more than simply point them to a better resource.  If we are helping companies selling Windows 7 phones through our directory and we need to consider making our sites more relevant, then do we need to include pages about the history of the Windows 7 phone , how the phone is made, who is using the phone, what are the dimensions of the phone, a unique picture of the phone, a video about the phone, music about the phone and who Bill Gates's ancestors were etc etc.. or if we simply link to the company who is selling this are we not being relevant? Is recommending others considered to be poor content? I think there needs to be a balance. I will be fair to Google and say that I believe they understand this and they still do protect sites with relevant links but I hope that they don't go to far so that scientists will need to insert Lady Gaga videos into their pages where they are linking to papers and thesis information. 

I don't have all the answers and we all have to do what we must do to survive and this is a blog.. Haha.. so I am blogging my thoughts onto this page.

Say hello if you managed to get here somehow. Surprise me if you will!


I am curious to know just how many people are actually aware of the Twitter TOS which stands for Twitter Terms of Service. You have to watch the video to find out what I mean by this. In fact, don't watch the above video but watch the one below because it is far more exciting. Twitter has been taken over by robots and there is a Robot War going on.

                                         BUY SOCIAL MEDIA ROBOTS

I have become acutely aware that most of my 10,000 followers on Twitter are not actually real people. No! They are people or running robot programs. I was so alarmed to find out. I though that maybe 50% of my Twitter followers might be robots but when I discovered it was more than 99% it was shocking. How come I am so unfortunate to be following so many fake accounts on Twitter. I took some time to do some research on this and I saw that companies are offering management programs for individuals who want to run hundreds and even thousands of Twitter accounts simultaneously. Could it be possible that I only have a handful of followers and that these 10,000 followers are accounts owned by the same person? Fortunately Twitter is not completely made up of robots and I have managed to find a handful of human beings running accounts but I think some of those humans are also using bots and management programs. I personally do not trust those companies offering those programs because if you take a close look at the Twitter API you will see that Twitter does not guarantee what is going to happen when you use third party software. To be honest with you I think that Twitter themselves need to come up with more programs to help their users. I noticed that they have been improving somewhat and I guess there is  some light at the end of the tunnel.

When you first start out on Twitter it can be rather embarrassment to find out that you found a Tweet interesting and you replied to it but later on you realized that it was not sent by a living human being but by some automation program. We need someone to write about Twitter for Newbies don't we?

What can we do about all of this? I guess we can do nothing and we just have to wait as the improvements are rolled out bit by bit. I am sure that the folks at Twitter know about these things and are working on the best solution. I hope they don't get bothered by me mentioning it again and again. I actually think Twitter is very powerful and I have found Twitter to be useful to me personally because it has given me a way to get in touch with some real people who have similar interests but finding these people can be extremely difficult for some of us and we might have to be really patient when looking for them. Probably the way to overcome these things is to join real tweeters. Well, you can always join @whoisbid on Twitter and I will reply to humans. I don't want to waste time replying to robots.


Most people who read blogs will probably just take a look at the information and if it is useful they will use it. They probably don't realize that there are millions of blog pages that are not original i.e. someone has taken the material from somewhere else and used it as if it was their own. I was actually participating in a spammy blog recently being the first person to comment on it. It was quite interesting because the owner of that blog was obviously not producing his own content but the material she had on her site was interesting. This is because someone else had written about it and other people like to take interesting text and put it somewhere else. Sometimes they throw in some google ads and make a few bucks. We ended up discussing scraped content and she was of the opinion that copying other people's material was valuable for a website because that site was able to cover a broad range of topics and give more answers to readers compared with someone who is speaking from only one point of view. I guess this whole thing can end up being one big philosophical discussion but at the end of the day we need to realize that in order for anyone producing original content needs to be able to write such a massive amount of interesting material to even stand a small chance of competing with scraper sites.

Probably those of you who come to my page on this blog will be aware of these automated blog programs. If you are not , then I designed the very simple video above which will introduce you to the world of robots. I know that the site I just linked to is about traditional robots but robot engineers are incredibly alert. This is because they have to be multi-disciplined and those guys won't have a problem understanding what I am getting at. You don't have to be a top robot engineer to understand. No! You just need to have some kind of appreciation of how "bots" are doing the work of humans. Maybe you are a robot engineer and you stumbled on this page. I know something about you.. I know that you will read all of this page. I also know that many other's won't. That is because robot engineers have learned to pay attention. I have a friend who is a robot engineer and I am extremely impressed with his attention span. Guess what? He actually understands what I am talking about and he also has an ability to increase my understanding. LOL!

So what about the autoblogging guys taking the world by storm? Do some research into this yourself. What you are going to find out is that many of the same guys who sell these Twitter Management programs are also offering auto website creation. That is kind of sad for me because it makes what I am doing here invalid. It also means that people who have no experience or depth will be making websites that end up being more popular than mine.

The answer I guess is not to give up. The search engine experts tell us to produce 'great content' but I feel that their advice is somewhat far from the reality of the situation. What we really need now is for individuals to train themselves to be able to produce "massive content" and this means that if you want to get ahead on the internet you are not allowed to sleep or slumber. You must keep working all the time. I have some recommendations for those of you who feel you are not writers but you still want to write. I called it writing for non writers where I give some sound practical advice.

Do you think that these auto bloggers are going to beat the real bloggers in the end? I see that real bloggers are now having a really hard time making money on the net. They have so much competition and much of it is not human. What do you think O Blogger?


Until it happens to you this information is probably not going to have any relevance. There are people in the world who know about having bought several laptops over a period of a couple of years and for some reason they have become familiar with a dark screen. The whole screen does not go black but only part of it. This happens when the screen is damaged and you have a chemical leak. If you are a really busy person you might not have time to fix it. Instead, you simply keep on working and pressing different parts of the screen in the hope that the black liquid will move to another section. I have been using so many Laptops with leaking screens because I am a serious laptop user. I actually use a MacBook now because they are not as flimsy as some of the latest laptops I am seeing on the market. What criteria do you use when selecting a laptop? Are you looking for faster processor speed or nifty applications? I am quite happy if I can do word processing, edit video clips and send email. I don't have any kind of sophisticated technical requirement for my laptop. It would be nice however if one day someone was able to design a virtually indestructible laptop  because that would solve a lot of my problems. Of course you manufacturers should go to my website and see what kind of problems a serious laptop user is having. Maybe someone would like to reply to this blog and give me some recommendations. If you really have a laptop built like Fort Knox then I would be interested to know where I can check it out and give it a test run.

How many laptops do you go through in a year? I swallow up more than one Laptop a year. Is that unusual or are other people like me facing the same kind of problems?

Who makes laptops that guarantee to never have this kind of problem? I have not seen anyone able to make this as of yet.

One thing I can tell you is that I don't have a problem with my Laptop Bag


Of course everyone knows that there are lots of videos giving us the history of cloud computing, what is cloud computing and what applications they offer in the cloud. The point of this video is quite simple. You will have to watch it to realize the implications. It is not really about cloud computing at all but it has to do with who is going to be responsible for a businessman's network?  Who do you trust to make sure everything you need is going to be delivered in a secure and timely fashion? Who is going to be responsible in the end? Who is going to make sure everything is updated like it should be and who is going to offer the greatest security? Are you going to trust individuals or do you feel more confident with a large corporation handling these things?

Right now it is fashionable in some circles to ask the question "Are you in the Cloud?"  What is cloud computing anyway?  Maybe some of us are in the cloud already but we just don't know it.

I have my reservations about the cloud but can see that it is kind of inevitable. My concerns have to do with one corporation taking control of everything that goes on in your company. The other concern is that we have no idea how these large corporations are going to protect us. Of course we can listen to their experts deliver a fine message about how everything is secure, backed up and working on all levels including the communication aspects. The problem is that no-one really understands what any of you are talking about. You guys who develop the cloud applications (both hardware and software) are living in another world altogether. You might be able to be fluent in your own circles but most businessmen don't have any clue in regards to what you are saying to them.

We have to trust you people and that should mean a lot to you. My personal feelings about people offering cloud services goes like this.

1. You are being trusted with people's money (their assets)
2. You are responsible for making sure things always work
3. You need to build a spotless reputation with your clients in as far as trust and decency goes.

I don't think it is going to be the best cloud technology that will be something that the businessman is going to worry about. He is probably going to be more concerned about whether or not he can trust the company offering these services. Can he trust them with his money?


There are a lot of people against Smart Meters but they are making websites about the current types of Smart Meters. What about future Smart Meters? Are you going to be against them? These newer types of Smart Meters could help you function in every way possible. Does this scare you? Is this what the argument really is about? People are concerned with RF interference and how it is damaging people's heath and even plant life. Here is a video about half an hour long giving information on how RF is not healthy. I don't know what everyone's conclusion is about these things but it is from the stop smart meters group.

Some took the time to make this video which I am sure about but we can watch it anyway. Are Smart Meters really killing plants? Are mobile phones killing plants?  I am wondering if the argument is not really technical but if it has more to do with privacy and freedom of choice. I am not living in America and am not part of that system but the videos that people are producing both "for" and "against" Smart Meters are quite interesting. It seems that there are more videos right now on Youtube about how Smart meters are bad for you than videos supporting Smart Meter technology. What is a Smart Meter anyway?

Is a Smart Meter going to be like something in the first video of this page with someone losing their brain to an advanced network? Surely with advanced algorithms , improvements in network communication and software, can we expect a new breed of devices that will not only be able to accurately measure and control but also decide things for us.

Some people might be disturbed by this technology presentation and yet others may simply write it off as some crank science fiction idea. Whatever your opinions are about these things, the moral of the video (you have to watch it) is something that Smart People will understand. Whatever we think about these things my guess is that all of us need to be able to concentrate a bit more. I have noticed that people are losing concentration. Maybe it was always like this and I am just beginning to notice it now.

I have some suggestions for parents and their children. It is actually irrelevant to this blog but then again it could be seen as entirely relevant. I think that we need to do things to help the younger generation increase their powers of concentration. Right now we have young people watching nonsense on Youtube day in and day out... looking for subscribers and wanting to be a celebrity overnight because they believe that if Justin Bieber could do it on Youtube, then maybe they can too.  Do you think that any of these young people want to learn how to concentrate? I think there will be some of them who will and I found a smashing article on Hubpages about how important chess for children can be. I know that this is only one idea of many but there must be a lot of things that we can do to help the younger generation escape the dreaded science fiction smart meter scenario.

Coming back to Smart Meters. How do you personally define a Smart Meter? Is a Smart Meter a modern day electricity meter or something more?

I think that the video above asks an interesting question. Is the Smart Meter the actual device or is it really a system? There are people coming out with all types of smart devices that are not just being designed to measure and control electricity consumption. Take a look at this flow meter as an example. It is a device that is using sound waves to determine water consumption.

This device does seem to be "Smart" idea because it is getting away from the older mechanical versions which need to be repaired and calibrated quite often. It would seem that these new Smart Meters are something utilities will probably be interested in using much more in the future.

Take a look at these Smart Meters from British Gas. These are not Electricity Meters in the traditional sense and they look nothing like the kinds of meters that are supposedly killing plants. These devices are called Smart Meters in the UK by a lot of people and they probably have that name because it implies that something slightly intelligent is going on.. Am I correct? Don't you think that a "smart" meter will have some ability to improve a situation? In this case it is helping to save energy and one of the main purposes has to do with Gas Consumption and helping residents save money and conserve energy (at least we believe that is the plan)

My guess is that we can expect more and more technological advancements in the Smart Meter arena and the definition will probably evolve into something greater.


These guys are almost impossible to find. They know what they are doing and they are experts on statistics and statistical analysis. Forex involves looking at stats, trends, movements, changes etc and if you are already familiar with the world of pattern recognition and prediction then it should not be difficult to switch your talents from looking at FOREX to looking at something else which is search engine algorithms and trends on the internet. This guy is probably not a guy buy a team of hundreds of people located in strategic places on the planet ready to react to every move that a search engine makes. They are not running one website but probably hundreds and even thousands and those websites that they are running will probably be all disconnected from each other i.e. they do not leave a link wheel, pyramid or sphere.

Am I being unrealistic? I leave that for you to decide but whatever conclusion anyone cares to make, they probably don't know or have never met a super duper Forex SEO in person. If you have, you can mention it. Haha! Who would want to advertise these kinds of talents when you are making 6 figures and have found that client protection and keeping quiet is better than fame... Notice I did not say "Fame and Fortune" and that is because if they know what they are doing they will already have a fortune.

If we are to join a movement which believes it has something better than the Fibonacci, what alternatives do we have? An SEO will know about Google dance but a Forex expert will also know about a Forex Dance. Is it possible to predict dance moves? Well, the next video gives us some ideas into unorthodox methods for monitoring and mapping a natural dance. Maybe the information obtained might work and maybe it won't. Who knows?


Some people think that a Black Hat is some poor person spending time on their laptop into the early hours of the morning looking for backlinks for their website. This to me is so far from the truth. To blame those poor souls and accuse them of using underhand practices is probably one of the most unfair things you could do to someone who is simply trying to monetize their website by trying to get more attention to it.

These poor folks who have been accused and named as blackhat seo's probably don't even have more than 500 people visiting their sites every day. We should not be targeting these poor souls but instead be using the name BlackHat to refer to something far more sinister. Sometimes in ancient history we can see that writers who were really concerned about individuals or corporations (back then it was tribes) would sometimes not even give these people a name. That is because they felt they were not worthy to even be named so they left the text obscure and impossible to translate into anything.

I am definitely not the one who is going to give the real definition of what Black Hat actually is but we should certainly not label people who are building directories with no content selling links as Blackhat or even people buying those links.


Not all forms of cloaking a website on the internet are considered bad these days. One of the accepted practices is something called IP delivery which delivers content according to the IP address range from a single web url. If you don't know what it is, then you can find out in just a couple of minutes by watching the engaging video which gives an explanation for those can't be bothered to spend time looking at all the technical issues behind it.

With the continual rise in applications that can cloak websites we are most likely going to see a need for more advanced proxy server services. Some people might not be familiar with proxy services because you have never used one before but if you watch the next video it will clear everything up and then you will be on your way to investigating better ideas for international business.

Using a proxy server is more fascinating than simply using what is delivered to us normally through the web as we are accustomed to because you will be able to broaden your perspective on things that are going on internationally not only from a local perspective but also a remote one


One of the most innovate laptop bags that a company called Trabasack has developed is the Laptray Design. This is because it is actually a hybrid between a laptop bag, a cushion and a table. Do you want to see this Laptop Bag in action? I have one of them and can tell you that people like it. I don't sell these bags but am happy to talk about them for many reasons. One of the reasons is that the MD of the company is very active on Twitter and he is from the UK. I don't live in the UK anymore but one great thing about interacting with others on Twitter is that you can get easy updates on what is happening in your country. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I was born in UK so that is why I have this interest. The next video shows you the specially designed bag and how it actually works.

You would have to buy one and use it to really know why it is so unique. These days it costs money to use a table. Yes! You might have to buy something in order to get a table to sit down on just to do a little bit of work. If you have ever been in that situation and are looking for ways to simply find a decent corner to sit in with your own table , then the Trabasack Laptop Bag might be the answer you have been looking for.

If you are a scientist or an engineer it might be invaluable because you might need a writing surface when you are out and about. I think it is an excellent bag for scientists because you guys need to protect your laptop from breaking. The bag is going to protect your laptop in two ways. One is by the cushion on one side of your laptop which allows it to fit snugly into your lap and the other is the hard surface side. I have always had problems with laptops and so I know a good product when I see one.

So, what do you guys think about this bag? What applications are you using it for? I also know that there is a design for the disabled but I have not written about it. I thought that a scientist might convince you better than me. This guy is convinced it is very practical for him. The following video was taken from the Trabasack Laptop Bag Youtube Channel.

Let me know what other applications you know about for this bag so that I can make this page more interesting. Thanks for your response!

What Domain Name to Chose for your Website

It is not difficult to buy a domain name but there are some things that most people overlook when they do it. If you are interesting in knowing how to chose a Domain Name from a Unique perspective which is the WHOISBID perspective then simply watch the video which explains it all in much more detail than what is written here.

Too many Robots on Twitter

Just how bad is the bot situation on Twitter? Maybe I should share my own experiences so that someone who is new to Twitter won't give up because they think that what they are seeing is normal. Well, it should not really be normal to have 10,000 followers like I do but find out sometime later that only about 10 of them are using their Twitter Accounts in the way that it was designed to be used.  I am a real Twitter user who enjoys interaction but I am convinced that more than 99% of the people I see on my Twitter timeline are not who they are making themselves out to be. In fact, they do not even exist in my world because the owners of those accounts are using Robots. Watch the video and see what I mean. Maybe you can identity with what I actually see going on. You can always join @whoisbid on Twitter if you are interested in the Robot resistance program. LOL!