Saturday, 23 April 2011


Most people who read blogs will probably just take a look at the information and if it is useful they will use it. They probably don't realize that there are millions of blog pages that are not original i.e. someone has taken the material from somewhere else and used it as if it was their own. I was actually participating in a spammy blog recently being the first person to comment on it. It was quite interesting because the owner of that blog was obviously not producing his own content but the material she had on her site was interesting. This is because someone else had written about it and other people like to take interesting text and put it somewhere else. Sometimes they throw in some google ads and make a few bucks. We ended up discussing scraped content and she was of the opinion that copying other people's material was valuable for a website because that site was able to cover a broad range of topics and give more answers to readers compared with someone who is speaking from only one point of view. I guess this whole thing can end up being one big philosophical discussion but at the end of the day we need to realize that in order for anyone producing original content needs to be able to write such a massive amount of interesting material to even stand a small chance of competing with scraper sites.

Probably those of you who come to my page on this blog will be aware of these automated blog programs. If you are not , then I designed the very simple video above which will introduce you to the world of robots. I know that the site I just linked to is about traditional robots but robot engineers are incredibly alert. This is because they have to be multi-disciplined and those guys won't have a problem understanding what I am getting at. You don't have to be a top robot engineer to understand. No! You just need to have some kind of appreciation of how "bots" are doing the work of humans. Maybe you are a robot engineer and you stumbled on this page. I know something about you.. I know that you will read all of this page. I also know that many other's won't. That is because robot engineers have learned to pay attention. I have a friend who is a robot engineer and I am extremely impressed with his attention span. Guess what? He actually understands what I am talking about and he also has an ability to increase my understanding. LOL!

So what about the autoblogging guys taking the world by storm? Do some research into this yourself. What you are going to find out is that many of the same guys who sell these Twitter Management programs are also offering auto website creation. That is kind of sad for me because it makes what I am doing here invalid. It also means that people who have no experience or depth will be making websites that end up being more popular than mine.

The answer I guess is not to give up. The search engine experts tell us to produce 'great content' but I feel that their advice is somewhat far from the reality of the situation. What we really need now is for individuals to train themselves to be able to produce "massive content" and this means that if you want to get ahead on the internet you are not allowed to sleep or slumber. You must keep working all the time. I have some recommendations for those of you who feel you are not writers but you still want to write. I called it writing for non writers where I give some sound practical advice.

Do you think that these auto bloggers are going to beat the real bloggers in the end? I see that real bloggers are now having a really hard time making money on the net. They have so much competition and much of it is not human. What do you think O Blogger?

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