Saturday, 23 April 2011


Until it happens to you this information is probably not going to have any relevance. There are people in the world who know about having bought several laptops over a period of a couple of years and for some reason they have become familiar with a dark screen. The whole screen does not go black but only part of it. This happens when the screen is damaged and you have a chemical leak. If you are a really busy person you might not have time to fix it. Instead, you simply keep on working and pressing different parts of the screen in the hope that the black liquid will move to another section. I have been using so many Laptops with leaking screens because I am a serious laptop user. I actually use a MacBook now because they are not as flimsy as some of the latest laptops I am seeing on the market. What criteria do you use when selecting a laptop? Are you looking for faster processor speed or nifty applications? I am quite happy if I can do word processing, edit video clips and send email. I don't have any kind of sophisticated technical requirement for my laptop. It would be nice however if one day someone was able to design a virtually indestructible laptop  because that would solve a lot of my problems. Of course you manufacturers should go to my website and see what kind of problems a serious laptop user is having. Maybe someone would like to reply to this blog and give me some recommendations. If you really have a laptop built like Fort Knox then I would be interested to know where I can check it out and give it a test run.

How many laptops do you go through in a year? I swallow up more than one Laptop a year. Is that unusual or are other people like me facing the same kind of problems?

Who makes laptops that guarantee to never have this kind of problem? I have not seen anyone able to make this as of yet.

One thing I can tell you is that I don't have a problem with my Laptop Bag

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