Saturday, 23 April 2011


Of course everyone knows that there are lots of videos giving us the history of cloud computing, what is cloud computing and what applications they offer in the cloud. The point of this video is quite simple. You will have to watch it to realize the implications. It is not really about cloud computing at all but it has to do with who is going to be responsible for a businessman's network?  Who do you trust to make sure everything you need is going to be delivered in a secure and timely fashion? Who is going to be responsible in the end? Who is going to make sure everything is updated like it should be and who is going to offer the greatest security? Are you going to trust individuals or do you feel more confident with a large corporation handling these things?

Right now it is fashionable in some circles to ask the question "Are you in the Cloud?"  What is cloud computing anyway?  Maybe some of us are in the cloud already but we just don't know it.

I have my reservations about the cloud but can see that it is kind of inevitable. My concerns have to do with one corporation taking control of everything that goes on in your company. The other concern is that we have no idea how these large corporations are going to protect us. Of course we can listen to their experts deliver a fine message about how everything is secure, backed up and working on all levels including the communication aspects. The problem is that no-one really understands what any of you are talking about. You guys who develop the cloud applications (both hardware and software) are living in another world altogether. You might be able to be fluent in your own circles but most businessmen don't have any clue in regards to what you are saying to them.

We have to trust you people and that should mean a lot to you. My personal feelings about people offering cloud services goes like this.

1. You are being trusted with people's money (their assets)
2. You are responsible for making sure things always work
3. You need to build a spotless reputation with your clients in as far as trust and decency goes.

I don't think it is going to be the best cloud technology that will be something that the businessman is going to worry about. He is probably going to be more concerned about whether or not he can trust the company offering these services. Can he trust them with his money?

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