Saturday, 23 April 2011


These guys are almost impossible to find. They know what they are doing and they are experts on statistics and statistical analysis. Forex involves looking at stats, trends, movements, changes etc and if you are already familiar with the world of pattern recognition and prediction then it should not be difficult to switch your talents from looking at FOREX to looking at something else which is search engine algorithms and trends on the internet. This guy is probably not a guy buy a team of hundreds of people located in strategic places on the planet ready to react to every move that a search engine makes. They are not running one website but probably hundreds and even thousands and those websites that they are running will probably be all disconnected from each other i.e. they do not leave a link wheel, pyramid or sphere.

Am I being unrealistic? I leave that for you to decide but whatever conclusion anyone cares to make, they probably don't know or have never met a super duper Forex SEO in person. If you have, you can mention it. Haha! Who would want to advertise these kinds of talents when you are making 6 figures and have found that client protection and keeping quiet is better than fame... Notice I did not say "Fame and Fortune" and that is because if they know what they are doing they will already have a fortune.

If we are to join a movement which believes it has something better than the Fibonacci, what alternatives do we have? An SEO will know about Google dance but a Forex expert will also know about a Forex Dance. Is it possible to predict dance moves? Well, the next video gives us some ideas into unorthodox methods for monitoring and mapping a natural dance. Maybe the information obtained might work and maybe it won't. Who knows?


  1. This google dance thing sounds really cool. I had no idea there was such a thing going on. I thought that the spiders crawled websites continuously and that that kept them updated on a pretty much daily basis. I guess there is so much more to Search Engine Optimization than meets the eye... Thanks for sharing this info!

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