Saturday, 23 April 2011


Some people think that a Black Hat is some poor person spending time on their laptop into the early hours of the morning looking for backlinks for their website. This to me is so far from the truth. To blame those poor souls and accuse them of using underhand practices is probably one of the most unfair things you could do to someone who is simply trying to monetize their website by trying to get more attention to it.

These poor folks who have been accused and named as blackhat seo's probably don't even have more than 500 people visiting their sites every day. We should not be targeting these poor souls but instead be using the name BlackHat to refer to something far more sinister. Sometimes in ancient history we can see that writers who were really concerned about individuals or corporations (back then it was tribes) would sometimes not even give these people a name. That is because they felt they were not worthy to even be named so they left the text obscure and impossible to translate into anything.

I am definitely not the one who is going to give the real definition of what Black Hat actually is but we should certainly not label people who are building directories with no content selling links as Blackhat or even people buying those links.

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