Sunday, 24 April 2011


I am going to teach people something that they might not have investigated thoroughly enough. It has to do with the meaning of the world Original. If you really have a gift for originality and can produce original works, e.g. software, music, art, search engine algorithms, search engines etc etc then you should realize that the only way you could be original is to listen to the definition in the video. Haha!

Do you know what an original website is? Guess what? That search term is not popular at all. This shows me that search engines spokesmen do a lot of talking but in the end no-one is listening. Very few people are building original websites these days. It is a joy for me to see someone doing it. Yes! It is like seeing something hand made. I feel that so much of social networks are just plastic. People are downloading and embedding these social network plugins to get other people's content on their sites and they think that this is cool. Don't you know it is simply scraping other people's material? If everyone scrapes the web then there will be nothing left to scrape one day!!!

Do you want to know what I think about this recent Google Panda Update ? I want to tell Google that I think it is ridiculous. I am pretty sure that no-one in Google is interested in my opinion but maybe some other people will be. Let me explain to you what is happening.

We are hearing news from experts that Google is detecting copied content on those rather large and powerful websites and making adjustments but nobody is talking about these new websites that are Page Rank Zero with 250 pages of unique content. I am describing my website.. the website. I know that not every page is that great but one thing I can tell you about the site is that there is nothing on it that was copied from somewhere else. All the texts and images are original. I don't see any difference to the way Google is treating my site after the Panda update. What I do see is that they are not sending the search engine spiders often enough to protect me. Yes! I need to be protected from those high page rank websites who copy my material every day. I don't really care who copies me and I guess I have to live with this problem. In fact, I should be proud that people are copying my material.

The reason I am writing this is because nobody is thinking about how large and powerful websites are taking material from newbie websites. The only way that I believe Google could protect new websites is to invest more money into spidering them more frequently. Why is Google spidering all those big websites and ignoring the newbies? I get sick to death watching these seo videos where you have all these big time website owners telling us how they are getting rid of low quality contributions by doing this and that seo technique. No-one is talking about the new websites. No-one is helping the new websites.

Well.. Guess what my website is about? It is about helping people like you who are struggling because of technology that is currently incapable of protecting you. I do believe it is actually capable but it costs money to spider everyone's website more frequently and I guess that search engines have to chose where  they want to go. This means that baby websites are dead , even before they begin to crawl. No wonder so many young people are giving up on blogs and websites and turning to Facebook. I hate Facebook more than Google for personal reasons. I know Google and facebook don't really care about me writing these things because they are so big and I cannot stop them. I am just like a drop in the ocean.

The positive aspect in regards to all of this is that I am finding there are a lot of people with new websites who are struggling and I guess this makes my argument more valid and my website even more relevant to today.

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