Saturday, 23 April 2011


I am curious to know just how many people are actually aware of the Twitter TOS which stands for Twitter Terms of Service. You have to watch the video to find out what I mean by this. In fact, don't watch the above video but watch the one below because it is far more exciting. Twitter has been taken over by robots and there is a Robot War going on.

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I have become acutely aware that most of my 10,000 followers on Twitter are not actually real people. No! They are people or running robot programs. I was so alarmed to find out. I though that maybe 50% of my Twitter followers might be robots but when I discovered it was more than 99% it was shocking. How come I am so unfortunate to be following so many fake accounts on Twitter. I took some time to do some research on this and I saw that companies are offering management programs for individuals who want to run hundreds and even thousands of Twitter accounts simultaneously. Could it be possible that I only have a handful of followers and that these 10,000 followers are accounts owned by the same person? Fortunately Twitter is not completely made up of robots and I have managed to find a handful of human beings running accounts but I think some of those humans are also using bots and management programs. I personally do not trust those companies offering those programs because if you take a close look at the Twitter API you will see that Twitter does not guarantee what is going to happen when you use third party software. To be honest with you I think that Twitter themselves need to come up with more programs to help their users. I noticed that they have been improving somewhat and I guess there is  some light at the end of the tunnel.

When you first start out on Twitter it can be rather embarrassment to find out that you found a Tweet interesting and you replied to it but later on you realized that it was not sent by a living human being but by some automation program. We need someone to write about Twitter for Newbies don't we?

What can we do about all of this? I guess we can do nothing and we just have to wait as the improvements are rolled out bit by bit. I am sure that the folks at Twitter know about these things and are working on the best solution. I hope they don't get bothered by me mentioning it again and again. I actually think Twitter is very powerful and I have found Twitter to be useful to me personally because it has given me a way to get in touch with some real people who have similar interests but finding these people can be extremely difficult for some of us and we might have to be really patient when looking for them. Probably the way to overcome these things is to join real tweeters. Well, you can always join @whoisbid on Twitter and I will reply to humans. I don't want to waste time replying to robots.

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