Saturday, 23 April 2011


I hope you did watch my video on why I believe search engines are wasting our time. If you are a businessman and need more internet exposure then maybe you ought to visit my website but I must warn you that keeping search engines happy these days seems to be like a dark art.

Do you think that we should be spending time trying to discover what is going to please search engines happy all the time? Well, if we are running a business we will have no choice. What I cannot accept about some particular search engines is their treatment of directories. A good directory does not need to have great content. No! A good directory needs to have great links to relevant goods and services. Recently a whole bunch of useful directories were hit badly by a search engine update and some of them lost more than 90% of their traffic. If you watch the video you will see why it could be possible that directories are not being treated as fairly as they should. Of course, this from my own perspective when it comes to search engine ranking and relevancy.

If you want people to spend more time on your website then you have to use seo. The social networks and blogs know this and so they make up these reward systems. Much of the interaction going on between people on networks (business people trying to increase website visibility) is not actually organic. This system of "spend more time" on a site is making a lot of people into robotic commenting machines. People end up saying nice things about someone else on a blog network or a social network when they don't actually mean it. OK- I guess we have to live with this. What value am I giving to you as a reader by telling you these things? I think I am giving you great value because I am a person who actually wants to truly interact with more people in a real way but I am finding that it is very difficult to find proper engagement.

What is really really interesting is that I have actually experienced tremendous social interaction through MMORPG which stands for Massively MultiPlayer Online Role Playing Games. Yes! I used to play Meridian 59 and found that a good MMORPG really does get people engaging with each other in a real and purposeful way. Maybe you will think that there is no reality in an online game but that is where you could be wrong. Even though online games are a fantasy world it gives people a chance to forget about their current problems and get caught up in "play" with others. We used to do this as children, so why can't we do it now? There is nothing wrong with being "child like" but there is a lot of wrong in being childish. So, my conclusions are that the way the system is currently for social networks and blogs actually does not make people "child like" anymore. No! It makes them into robots!

I want to talk more about directories. Many years ago directories were treated with respect but somehow I find that this could be changing because the directory now needs to be more unique, have more content and be more engaging according to certain seo experts. A science directory is being asked to engage people more than simply point them to a better resource.  If we are helping companies selling Windows 7 phones through our directory and we need to consider making our sites more relevant, then do we need to include pages about the history of the Windows 7 phone , how the phone is made, who is using the phone, what are the dimensions of the phone, a unique picture of the phone, a video about the phone, music about the phone and who Bill Gates's ancestors were etc etc.. or if we simply link to the company who is selling this are we not being relevant? Is recommending others considered to be poor content? I think there needs to be a balance. I will be fair to Google and say that I believe they understand this and they still do protect sites with relevant links but I hope that they don't go to far so that scientists will need to insert Lady Gaga videos into their pages where they are linking to papers and thesis information. 

I don't have all the answers and we all have to do what we must do to survive and this is a blog.. Haha.. so I am blogging my thoughts onto this page.

Say hello if you managed to get here somehow. Surprise me if you will!

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