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There are a lot of people against Smart Meters but they are making websites about the current types of Smart Meters. What about future Smart Meters? Are you going to be against them? These newer types of Smart Meters could help you function in every way possible. Does this scare you? Is this what the argument really is about? People are concerned with RF interference and how it is damaging people's heath and even plant life. Here is a video about half an hour long giving information on how RF is not healthy. I don't know what everyone's conclusion is about these things but it is from the stop smart meters group.

Some took the time to make this video which I am sure about but we can watch it anyway. Are Smart Meters really killing plants? Are mobile phones killing plants?  I am wondering if the argument is not really technical but if it has more to do with privacy and freedom of choice. I am not living in America and am not part of that system but the videos that people are producing both "for" and "against" Smart Meters are quite interesting. It seems that there are more videos right now on Youtube about how Smart meters are bad for you than videos supporting Smart Meter technology. What is a Smart Meter anyway?

Is a Smart Meter going to be like something in the first video of this page with someone losing their brain to an advanced network? Surely with advanced algorithms , improvements in network communication and software, can we expect a new breed of devices that will not only be able to accurately measure and control but also decide things for us.

Some people might be disturbed by this technology presentation and yet others may simply write it off as some crank science fiction idea. Whatever your opinions are about these things, the moral of the video (you have to watch it) is something that Smart People will understand. Whatever we think about these things my guess is that all of us need to be able to concentrate a bit more. I have noticed that people are losing concentration. Maybe it was always like this and I am just beginning to notice it now.

I have some suggestions for parents and their children. It is actually irrelevant to this blog but then again it could be seen as entirely relevant. I think that we need to do things to help the younger generation increase their powers of concentration. Right now we have young people watching nonsense on Youtube day in and day out... looking for subscribers and wanting to be a celebrity overnight because they believe that if Justin Bieber could do it on Youtube, then maybe they can too.  Do you think that any of these young people want to learn how to concentrate? I think there will be some of them who will and I found a smashing article on Hubpages about how important chess for children can be. I know that this is only one idea of many but there must be a lot of things that we can do to help the younger generation escape the dreaded science fiction smart meter scenario.

Coming back to Smart Meters. How do you personally define a Smart Meter? Is a Smart Meter a modern day electricity meter or something more?

I think that the video above asks an interesting question. Is the Smart Meter the actual device or is it really a system? There are people coming out with all types of smart devices that are not just being designed to measure and control electricity consumption. Take a look at this flow meter as an example. It is a device that is using sound waves to determine water consumption.

This device does seem to be "Smart" idea because it is getting away from the older mechanical versions which need to be repaired and calibrated quite often. It would seem that these new Smart Meters are something utilities will probably be interested in using much more in the future.

Take a look at these Smart Meters from British Gas. These are not Electricity Meters in the traditional sense and they look nothing like the kinds of meters that are supposedly killing plants. These devices are called Smart Meters in the UK by a lot of people and they probably have that name because it implies that something slightly intelligent is going on.. Am I correct? Don't you think that a "smart" meter will have some ability to improve a situation? In this case it is helping to save energy and one of the main purposes has to do with Gas Consumption and helping residents save money and conserve energy (at least we believe that is the plan)

My guess is that we can expect more and more technological advancements in the Smart Meter arena and the definition will probably evolve into something greater.

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