Saturday, 25 June 2011


Some people say that Squidoo is just a blog. I don't agree with that at all. I like Squidoo and have written about it in several places. There is something very different about the Squidoo mechanism and it has to do with education. Whoever designed the Squidoo system are brilliant people, not just because of their programming ability but also because they know that there are a lot of people who need help building their own channel. Are you curious about Squidoo? I made the following video for you if you are!

If you get to know some of the people on Squidoo you will find out that many of them gained the courage to write and add content to the Squidoo network because of the way Squidoo encouraged them. There is something called "professional writing" which is part of what some blogs are about but the internet was not designed just for professional writers. No! The idea of the WWW (world wide web) is to connect people from all over the world so that they can exchange information and ideas. This means that writing will involve people from all walks of life including the arts, science, entertainment, sports and even children. Do you know what I found to be the most powerful evidence that Squidoo is the right place for newbies who want to improve their writing? It began by seeing a mere child able to complete a web page on Squidoo almost all by herself. Do you want to know what was the second thing about Squidoo that moved me even more? Well, it was the fact that adult Squids took the time to thank her for her contributions by posting a reply in her comment section. They knew that she was a mere child and needed all the encouragement that she could get. This showed to me that there are some people on Squidoo who are real and sensitive to the needs of others. You will not find this on a lot of other networks and that is probably why there are lots of people who are staying with Squidoo. I don't think that many of the hardcore Squidders stay on Squidoo for the money. I think that a lot of them like the high quality interaction and respect that people give to each other on the network.

If you need more reasons to sign up with Squidoo then you can visit my website where I have some information on how to use Squidoo. If you found this page and managed to sign up with Squidoo and make your first lens, then let me know about it on the Squidoo network. You can find "whoisbid" on Squidoo and send me a message. I will be thrilled to find out that someone joined Squidoo because of something that I wrote on Blogger.

I don't want to ruin your Squidoo experience but I can tell you a little bit about it if you have been a person who wanted to make webpages but really found it difficult to know just how much you should be doing and where you should stop. The Squidoo system will allow you to make almost any kind of web page that you want but they also kind of know just how much content you will need as a minimum. They have a module system where they are kind of holding you by the hand in the beginning and teaching you about the need to upload a certain amount. You can also make money on Squidoo but I am not an expert on that topic. I have not joined Squidoo to make money from it but there are people on Squidoo who have learned to make money.

Some people are writing about leaving Squidoo, leaving HubPages, leaving Blogger and Wordpress for various reasons and I have read some of those blogs but when it comes to Squidoo I cannot find the justification for leaving the Squidoo network not only from a personal perspective but also from a technical one too.

If you are looking for something a little bit different and a place to get a lot of quality support then I recommend that you first join Squidoo before going to other places. Using Squidoo might also be a great preparation for you if you intent to make your own websites later on. They give you the feel for it... and if you make a few lenses (lenses in Squidoo are articles) then you will be able to feel the rhythm.

I am not the only person who likes Squidoo and in fact there are some people who love Squidoo and almost worship it. I don't think that I will be going that far but here is a video giving you proof that some of them have fallen in love with the Squids! Well.. this lady wrote about Bumble Bees and believe it or not she got her lens featured. There are lots of people love nature on Squidoo.. I will let you decide for yourself if Squidoo is for you and the best way to find out is to give it a try this week.

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